Students of Electromachine college visited our factory with a tour conductedby - AlexeySelivanov - Deputy of General Director and MikhailovSeymour - foreman of laser cutting shop.


ekskursiya studentiTour startsfrom workshop#1where studentscould see sheet bending in the process andfabricated items.

Thenvisited thestamping toolshopandlaser cutting shop.ForemanMikhailovSeymourtalked about “Trumpf Trumatic”machinesandequipmentcapabilities.

Laser cuttingequipment(pipecutting) arouse student’s interest. Next,the studentslooked atmetal machining on thelatheandCNC milling machines.

In the end ofthe tour students visited workshop where turnstiles “Praktika” assemble.

Bythe end ofthe tour, all students without exceptionexpressed a desire toundertake an internship and further to work in the companyOxgard.

«Oxgard» - turnstiles manufacture and sale of «Oxgard» official website - turnstiles, card collectors, swing gates, barriers Praktika and Cube for ACS. Manufacture and sale of. Oxgard

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