Oxgard is glad to present to your attention one more project under  the name of "Nederlands Openlucht Museum” carried out by our partner -  E.B.T.C. BV company for the open-air museum.

By the end of 19th conservation of national crafts and traditional trades has been put under the threat due to industrial revolution and technical progress. Therefore, on the 12th of April, 1912 for all visitors there was open National Open-Air Museum.

Inside this museum houses and adjoining them grounds, wine taverns and stores were recreated as they looked like 2 centuries ago. The history of this place livens up and travelling to the past times becomes real.

Oxgard Praktika T-02A for outdoor use ideally fit into entrance design and already started to receive first visitors.

T-02A_1 T-02A_2 T-02A_3
T-02A_4 T-02A_5
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