The Oxgard team is committed to selling and repairing it's equipment. Therefore, before we begin cooperation with a dealer, distributor or authorized service center, we train their specialists.

Employees of our company regularly hold seminars and training courses for partners and advanced training:

  • for managers - sales of turnstiles Oxgard. The workshop covers the full cycle of information: the history of the appearance of the brand Oxgard; production capacity; distinctive features of equipment and dignity in relation to competitors; market analysis and the benefits of working with Oxgard and much more!
  • for technical specialists - training or advanced training of employees for the repair and maintenance of Oxgard products. Specialists of service centers come to our factory.

If you want to get acquainted with the complete production cycle of the turnstiles Praktika, Cube, Quick Line, and your specialists need to be trained, the staff of Oxgard will be happy to welcome you: St. Petersburg, ul. Sofiyskaya, d.66.

On May 14, we conducted training for Security Systems Studio specialists to work with our equipment. Now in the city of Chelyabinsk, we will have another official authorized service center.

oxgard obuchaet specialistov
turnikety oxgard
obuchenie specialistov servisnogo centra
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