Oxgard company continuously investigates and tests products that ensure security and controlled access. Each new product is improved and provided with additional functions.

We present you the latest innovation of the company: Oxgard K-14 motorized swing gate . Built-in electronic control provides a comfortable and safe passing.

kalitka k 14 eng

Stylish design of the product allows the gate installing in modern buildings, fitting into overall concept of the interior. Combination of tempered glass and stainless steel with a bright display provide not only reliability and safety at the checkpoint, but also create a pleasant impression about the company.

In case of power failure, K-14 swing gate provides free passing due to panic hardware.

In addition, controller, reader, uninterruptible power supply or power supply unit can be built in the gate, and also enclosure or turnstile can be added. The gate will be especially good in combination with turnstiles of Quick Line series.

Despite the wide range of functional and external qualities, price of the swing metal gate with glass is a pleasant surprise. If you have any questions, contact our managers in Contacts section.

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