Summer is a great time, when we have decided to make our products more diverse, not only inside, but also outside. The Oxgard company works not only on the technical aspect of products, but also on their aesthetic. It is important for us that the products we manufacture meet all quality criteria.

k 14 swing gate

We expand the color range of our products. Production of the K-14 motorized gate in different variations is about to start, it will fit any interior solution now. The following options are available: black, gold and bronze. It is also possible to make clouded glass instead of the usual one, as well as to choose glass color (grey and bronze). Now you can choose the color of the stand and glass for each gate! This will allow the customer to select a product individually for the interior solution of the passage area.

We plan to expand the color range for other models as well. We will definitely notify you about it, so follow the news.

To order a gate or if you have any questions, please contact the manager.


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