Trumpets of awarding FIFA champions have quieten down, all the fans left the stadiums and went home. Nevertheless, Oxgard equipment continues its functioning at the stadiums.  

FortTrade , company from St. Petersburg, continues to equip the airports with Oxgard swing gates.

Oxgard team will take part in the largest international security exhibition Security Essen, which will be held in Essen, Germany from September 25 -28, 2018.

Oxgard turnstiles are taking an active part at World Cup Championship!

Our partner from Krasnodar installed Oxgard Praktika T-02A turnstiles and K-15A swing gates for outside use at the Fisht stadium in Sochi. Integrated with the access control system for stadiums turnstiles successfully meet the guests throughout all the championship, withstanding all the necessary loads.

Dear friends, 

we would like to to share with you our successful experience of actualization access control systems in fitness clubs based on turnstiles Oxgard Praktika T-02.

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