Summer is a great time, when we have decided to make our products more diverse, not only inside, but also outside. The Oxgard company works not only on the technical aspect of products, but also on their aesthetic. It is important for us that the products we manufacture meet all quality criteria.

The Oxgard company cares about its customers and makes their lives safer. At present, the Oxgard team has developed a biometric complex on the basis of the Praktika T-05 turnstile, which includes thermal camera, automatic sanitizer, face scanner and card readers of the most popular formats. This solution can be easily integrated into even the most sophisticated interiors.

The Oxgard company does not stop developing even in such difficult-for-the-whole-world times. We adapt to the conditions of remote work and rapidly changing environment. Despite the existing situation, we continue to ship our turnstiles and gates, as well as to develop new products. We are not slowing down. Rather on the contrary, the current situation has pushed us to new solutions.

The Oxgard team is continuously working to improve products and introduce new technologies.

The Oxgard company is in a hurry to please you with good news.

Our production continues to work. Our managers are always in touch, take orders and answer all your questions. Shipment is carried out as planned. Our warehouse is filled with finished products that can satisfy the needs of our customers even in such a difficult time. All sanitary and epidemiological requirements are taken into account during the processes of manufacturing and packaging the products.

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