On May 22, Oxgard specialists conducted a training session for the employees of our distributor, Luis + Ural, in Yekaterinburg.

The session was attended by engineers, sales managers and the head of sales departments of the Ural region. The seminar is informative, since we have a wide range of products:

  • turnstiles: tripods with swing doors, full-height turnstiles;
  • electronic checkpoints;
  • card readers;
  • wickets;
  • half-height fences;
  • full-height fences;

The workshop included an introduction to the history of the plant and the formation of the Oxgard brand, its equipment, about each product series, about individual products, new products, market analysis and the benefits of working with Oxgard.

Participants asked questions that interested them. Employees who took part in the training were awarded certificates.
seminar v ekaterinburge
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