The Oxgard company does not stop developing even in such difficult-for-the-whole-world times. We adapt to the conditions of remote work and rapidly changing environment. Despite the existing situation, we continue to ship our turnstiles and gates, as well as to develop new products. We are not slowing down. Rather on the contrary, the current situation has pushed us to new solutions.

k 17

We started developing new products at this time. And today we want to present one of the new gate models: K-17 Motorized Gate. It is an alternative to the K-14 gate, but with higher speed indicators? Flap opening of 20 persons/min, compact design and the ability to synchronize with other gates.

Why is this gate convenient?

The tripod turnstile certainly does an excellent job of limiting people’s access to the facility. However, unfortunately, the people in wheelchairs, with luggage or ride-on toys will not be able to pass through it. In such a situation, the gate will come to the rescue. The K-17 gate has the control panel, which facilitates an operator’s work at the checkpoint. A shield is installed on the blocking arc of the flap (there is a sign with the designation of the passage direction arrow on its front side and a sign that prohibits passage on the back side).

The product is already available for booking and ordering. If you have any questions or would like to purchase a gate, please contact our managers in the Contacts section.
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