Praktika T-01 multipurpose turnstiles are a perfect solution for fitness business to provide safety and cost effective management of fitness center and other sport facilities (at the entrance to ice rink, circus, health centers and etc.)

Smart design and stainless steel housing secure long life time. These turnstiles are compatible with most access control systems and can be used in different throughput modes.

Visitors passage

There are two ways of pass through the turnstile: first by using special plastic access card with a unique electronic code; second is remote unlocking of passage by guard. These are the only possible options for authorized access. These features make the turnstile a unique and at the same time easy to maintain access control mechanism.

Access control system provides easy and quick registration of visitors, accounting control and time & attendance recording for each employee.

Just a light touch is enough for smooth rotation of arms and for comfortable and fast passage

At the same time Praktika T-01 tripod turnstile divides the flow of visitors one-by-one. And the attractive appearance of this equipment is just an additional advantage.

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